Originally created for the military as a useful item of headwear for soldiers on the field in the Vietnam War, boonie hats have been around for decades. Nowadays, hunters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts all favor them. Boonie hats are made to be comfortable and long-lasting for repeated wear, and they offer plenty of sun protection and ventilation. This article will go over the characteristics of a boonie hat, go over how to wear a boonie hat, and assist you in picking the best one for your requirements.

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Master the Art: 5 Simple Steps on How to Wear a Boonie Hat

How to Wear a Boonie Hat


A boonie hat typically has a broad brim, ventilation eyelets, and a chinstrap that can be adjusted. The ventilation eyelets help keep your head cool in hot weather, and the wide brim offers excellent sun protection. When worn securely, the chinstrap prevents the hat from blowing off in windy conditions. Some boonie hats also have additional features such as loops for attaching foliage for camouflage purposes, or pockets for storing small items.

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In times of old, upon my head
A hat would sit, its brim widespread
A shield from sun, a guard from rain
A classic hat would bear the strain.

How to Wear a Boonie Hat Properly?

There are several ways to wear a boonie hat, depending on your preference and intended use. Here are the most common ones;

how to properly wear a boonie hat

The rear strap method

A typical approach for informal use is to wear the boonie hat with the chinstrap at the rear of the head. Because of this, the hat fits snugly and comfortably on the head. Simply put the hat on your head and tighten the chinstrap around the back of your skull to apply this technique.

Front strap method

For people who are participating in activities that call for a tighter fit, including hiking or hunting, the front strap approach is more suited. Put the hat on your head and bring the chinstrap to the front, adjusting it so that it fits comfortably under your chin to wear it in this way. This will guarantee that the hat will stay in place throughout more strenuous exercises.

Under the Hat method

The under-hat technique entails tucking the chinstrap beneath the hat itself to create a snug fit around your head for the utmost security. This technique is perfect for circumstances when strong gusts or vigorous exercise could knock the hat off the head.


A boonie hat should be worn with the brim parallel to the ground and level on the head. This guarantees the highest sun protection and optimal operation of the hat’s ventilation functions.

Customizing Your Boonie Hat

Many boonie hats have loops or other attachment places, so you may personalise your hat with flowers or other items. For hunters or military personnel wanting to improve their camouflage, this can be especially helpful.

Methods to wear Boonie Hat

Choosing the Right Boonie Hat. 3 Steps

Besides focusing on how to wear a boonie hat, consider the following factors while choosing the hat:


Cotton, polyester, and nylon are just a few of the materials that can be used to make boonie hats. Think about the type of temperature and weather you’ll be wearing the hat in, as well as your own preferences for comfort and breathability.

Size and Fit

For comfort and effectiveness, a well-fitting boonie cap is necessary. To be sure you select the correct size, measure the diameter of your head and consult the manufacturer’s sizing chart. Keep in mind that an adjustable chin strap might help you get the perfect fit.

Color and Pattern

From traditional military camouflage to more vivid and colorful versions, boonie caps are available in a broad variety of hues and patterns. When deciding on a color or pattern for the hat, take into account the surroundings and intended use.

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When Can you wear a boonie hat?

Till now we have discussed different methods to deal with the question that how to wear a boonie hat. Another important aspect related to this topic is on what occasions you can wear a boonie hat.

jungle how to wear a boonie hat

Outdoor Adventures

Boonie hats are a great option for outdoor pursuits including backpacking, camping, and hiking. They shield you from the sun, keep your head cool, and are simple to pack away when not in use.

how to wear a military boonie hat


Military troops still utilize boonie hats for sun protection and camouflage as intended in a variety of settings. They are a crucial piece of equipment for soldiers serving in hot, sunny environments.

Fishing and Hunting

Boonie hats are preferred by hunters and fishermen because of their useful design and improved camouflage. The chinstrap makes sure the hat stays in place during abrupt movements or windy weather, and the wide brim shades the eyes to improve vision in bright situations.

Fashion and Streetwear

Boonie hats have also made it into the realm of fashion and are now a common addition to streetwear and casual attire. They can be used as a standout item or to give your outfit a little toughness. To fit your style, pick a plain color or an unusual design.

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Boonie hats are functional and adaptable headgear choices for a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, and fishing. The question that How to wear a boonie hat requires knowledge of its numerous characteristics, effective wear techniques, and selecting the appropriate hat for your requirements. A boonie hat may offer comfort, safety, and flair for your outdoor adventures with the right maintenance and attention to detail.


 How do I clean my boonie hat?

 Most boonie hats can be cleaned by hand with mild soap and water. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s care instructions before cleaning to prevent damage to the hat. But it is recommended to keep the material fresh as long as you can.

Are boonie hats for rain?

Yes, boonie hats can be worn in the rain. However, some materials may be more water-resistant than others. Nylon and polyester hats tend to be more water-resistant than cotton hats. It depends on the material used in the product rather than style, whether it is water resistant or not.

Are boonie hats only for outdoor activities?

While boonie hats are designed with outdoor activities in mind, they can also be worn for fashion purposes or as part of a casual outfit. Choose the right design and material to get aligned with the fashion occasion where you are going to.

How do I know if my boonie hat fits properly?

A well-fitting boonie hat should rest comfortably on your head without being too tight or loose. The crown should sit slightly above your ears, and the brim should be parallel to the ground.

Can I attach accessories to my boonie hat?

 Yes, many boonie hats feature a fabric band around the crown, allowing you to attach small items, patches, or pins to personalize your hat. Originally, the military used to stick bushes in there while they crawled on the ground. This helped them in camouflage.

How to shape a boonie hat brim?

Boonie Hat modification is a feature that gives you control over the shape of the brim. Due to its malleability, you can keep it straight or have a bumpy look based on your preference. Don’t overuse it as it can affect the fabric of the hat and it might look weary and teary.